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Alphabet House Day Nurseryand Out of School Club

Our team

Alphabet House Day Nursery consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced employees. Allow us to introduce them to you on this page. We have over 120 years service between us at Alphabet House.

Pamela Reville


Alphabet House Ltd






Caroline Murray

Manager NNEB




Clair Stockell


Senior Practitioner III




Amanda Simpson

Senior Pracititioner III




Jenny Harper

Senior Practitioner III




Cassie McCluskey

Practitioner II




Jessica Smith

Practitioner III



Lisa Lawson

Practitioner III





Machaila Moore

Senior Practitioner III





Rebecca Swales

Practitioner III




Stacy Perry

Practitioner III





Mena Heaney

Practitioner III





Penny Seddon

Practitioner III

Courteney Rimmer

Practitioner III

Rebeka Robinson

Trainee Practitioner III

Vicki Gaynor

Practitioner III

We're here for you:

Tel: 01253 878600

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Alphabet House Day Nursery
444 Fleetwood Road

Fleetwood, Lancashire, UK.



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